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Solar Powered Motion Activated Security Cameras

Eye Trax is the leading manufacturer of wireless outdoor security cameras in the world! Our solar powered security camera is also a night vision security camera because it is design with infrared lighting that is invisible to the human eye but creates a clear image for the end user to determine if action is required. The motion activated camera utilizes a sensor that measures changes in thermal activity that is triggered by humans, animals, vehicles and prevents false alarms from the wind blowing trash and leaves.

Our outdoor surveillance camera transmits images over a secure connection back to our cloud based servers over the cellular network in less than ninety seconds. Pictures from the outdoor wireless security cameras can be viewed anywhere in the world by logging into the web-based “User Interface” or download our mobile phone application from i-tunes or Google play store to any device. These pictures can also be forwarded to email and sent as txt to any mobile phone instantly upon the cellular security camera acquiring a picture.

Picture acquisition controls for the outdoor security camera are sent from the User Interface or mobile application to the outdoor camera. Once the remote security camera has been deployed it will not have to be visited by the end user. Timed intervals, motion detection, and LIVE instant picture are trigger mechanisms for the wireless outdoor surveillance camera system.

You are probably visiting our site because you needed a solar powered surveillance camera so don’t wait for the next problem to occur and let Eye Trax’s motion activated outdoor camera system solve your surveillance needs.

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Live Camera Snippets

Advertise your solar powered wireless outdoor surveillance camera live on your website with our Camera Snippet codes! Each outdoor surveillance camera has a snippet code located on the Camera Console page above each picture. Insert this code (small, medium, or large) into your website and advertise pictures from your outdoor webcam just like our Live Demo Cameras below.

Live Demo Cameras - Live Camera Snippets

Instructions: Click on image to view the User Interface.

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