Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Daylight is perhaps the oldest security system in existence. Many criminals are reluctant to make their move when there’s a chance they will be seen doing it. With solar-powered security cameras from Eye Trax, the sun can continue to protect your property long into the night. Our solar security cameras can keep a watchful eye on your property and valuables for days in total darkness with just six hours of direct sunlight. When you install solar-powered surveillance cameras from Eye Trax, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter how far away you are from the power grid, you can have security coverage that will serve to deter criminals just as well as daylight.

Security Powered by the Sun

The technology of the Eye Trax solar-powered outdoor camera security system enables them to be installed virtually anywhere, no matter how remote the property or the availability of the power grid. This makes them ideal for protecting and monitoring remote locations as well as properties in environmentally sensitive areas where installing the infrastructure would be invasive.

Thanks to the advanced solar technology used in our cameras, they can operate continuously for up to seven days and nights after only six hours of direct sunlight exposure. Because the solar panels can be set up as far away from the cameras as 100 feet, you also have a great deal of flexibility for installing them around your property and optimizing them for maximum sunlight exposure.

Not only are Eye Trax cameras completely solar-powered, but they’re also cloud-based, sending images and video through the wireless cellular network. Users can have full coverage of their properties without the need for costly data infrastructure on their premises.

Are Solar-Powered Cameras Right for You?

There are several factors to consider when choosing solar-powered security cameras, including:

      Location: Is your property in a remote location, or does it lack the necessary infrastructure for a traditional security system?

      Size: Do you have a large property, one that would require a lot of expensive wiring and cabling to install a traditional security system?

      Environment: Is your property in an environmentally sensitive area, where digging and running cables might disturb wetlands or wildlife?

If your property meets any of these criteria, solar-powered security cameras from Eye Trax may be the solution you need to keep your property safe. With solar-powered security cameras from Eye Trax keeping a close eye on your property, you can have a security system to protect your property from numerous threats — even if you don’t have the power for a traditional system.

Connect With Eye Trax

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