Keep Your Site Secure With The Premier Solar Cellular Wireless Video Surveillance Camera Supplier

From construction sites to oil and gas pipelines, having an “eye in the sky” to maintain the safety, security and performance of your business is essential. Eye Trax is the video surveillance camera supplier you can trust when it comes to providing comprehensive remote site security — no matter where you need it. Read on to learn what makes us the premier video surveillance supplier today.

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Security Without Limits

Equipped with advanced night vision technology, our cameras are designed to never miss anything. Our state-of-the-art hardware provides the ultimate remote site security solution. As your security camera system supplier, we give you 24/7 peace of mind.


Discover the Eye Trax Advantage

Eye Trax specializes in off-grid cellular security camera systems for locations that don’t offer power or an internet connection that is typically required for camera surveillance. Eye Trax camera systems are autonomously powered by the sun and transmit over the cellular network back to our cloud-based software. Video is captured upon motion activated events and images are captured on a schedule for time-lapse video creation. As a leading security camera system supplier, our cloud-enabled technology offers numerous advantages such as connectivity from any device, unlimited users, and the ability to archive camera videos and images in real time.

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Eye Trax wireless surveillance systems help people keep tabs on their most important assets, no matter where they are. When you need sophisticated, versatile systems to protect your employees and property, look no further than Eye Trax. For more information about our security solutions or to request a quote, contact us today.