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Protecting America’s ports, marinas and shipyards is vital – not only for ensuring the flow of commerce into and out of our nation, but also for protecting life and property against various threats. The marine industry keeps a watchful eye on these essential assets, yet it can be extremely difficult to do so with traditional security systems. Marinas, ports and shipyards can be expansive properties without the necessary electrical and data infrastructure required by most traditional security camera systems. With Eye Trax maritime port security systems, however, even the most remote port or shipyard can be monitored and kept safe. The wireless, cloud-based technology of Eye Trax marine PTZ camera systems makes them the perfect choice for the marine industry.

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Security Solutions for the Maritime Industry

The marine industry has a powerful solution for seaport security and shipyard security through Eye Trax camera systems. That’s because the solar-powered, cloud-based technology of our boat security cameras make it possible for companies in the marine sector to keep a close eye on their assets no matter how remote they are or how many people are on site at any given time. Here’s why Eye Trax is the solution for the industry’s marine security system needs:

  • Solar-powered: Powered entirely by solar panels, our marine-grade security cameras can be installed virtually anywhere. With just six hours of direct sunlight exposure, our marine night vision camera can provide continuous operation for five days and nights. The solar panels can be set up as far as 100 feet from the cameras, as well, providing maximum flexibility for operators.
  • Cloud-based: Using cellular data networks to transfer images and video to our cloud-based server, our wireless boat cameras don’t require costly, on-site data infrastructure. Whether operators want to see a live feed from a port or review images or video from any time within the past year, they can access it easily through Eye Trax.

The Obvious Benefits

Marine security is essential, and Eye Trax provides the marine industry with the capability to protect its assets from various threats, including:

  • Theft: Protecting equipment and vessels from theft becomes much easier when ports and shipyards are protected by Eye Trax boat dock security cameras.
  • Natural disasters: Heavy storms can wreak havoc on ports and marinas. With wireless boat security camera systems from Eye Trax, the marine industry can monitor assets even when the power grid is out of commission.
  • Terrorism: Our nation’s seaports are a prime target for terrorism, but Eye Trax boat surveillance and wireless marine cameras can help keep a watchful eye on these and other important assets.

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