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Property management companies have a lot of responsibilities to their tenants, not the least of which is ensuring that their properties are safe and well-protected. Property security cameras can help these firms fulfill this promise to their guests or tenants by protecting apartment buildings or hotels from unwanted intruders, vandals and thieves. However, many sites — especially older properties — lack the sophisticated information infrastructure necessary for today’s advanced systems. They may also have a large area to cover, which can be difficult with a traditional setup. If gates are located on the edge of the property, there may be no way to power property cameras without costly utility work. Fortunately for the industry, Eye Trax offers a security camera for rental property and hotel owners that can keep their properties safe without the need for costly infrastructure. Especially for properties that are in secluded or hard-to-reach areas, the remote property surveillance systems use cellular service and solar power. Security cameras for rural properties offer an increased sense of safety that may otherwise be missing without one. Whether it’s a vacation home by the beach or a cabin in the woods, wireless property cameras provide peace of mind for guests and managers alike.

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With cloud-based, wireless security cameras for large property coverage and hotel security camera solutions from Eye Trax, users have the ability to monitor their buildings and keep them safe, no matter what the circumstances. Because our property security cameras are solar-powered and stream images and video to the cloud, they are the perfect option for apartment or hotel surveillance. Here are some of the ways in which our solutions are right for this industry:

  • Solar-powered: Our apartment building security cameras are 100% solar-powered. This means they can be installed virtually anywhere. With just six hours of direct sunlight exposure, they will operate continuously for five days and nights. The solar panels can be installed as far as 100 feet from the cameras, providing maximum flexibility for setup and installation.
  • Cloud-based: Because our technology uses the cellular data network to transfer images and video to our cloud-based server, there’s no need to maintain an expensive data infrastructure. We make everything easy to access, so users can view images or live video whenever they wish.


There are a number of ways in which owners and managers can benefit from what we have to offer. Here are just a few of the ways in which our products can help keep properties safe:

  • Theft: By placing wireless security cameras for apartment buildings around the exterior, would-be thieves will be far less likely to chance breaking into the building. We make it much easier to provide complete monitoring around the outside of virtually any type of location.
  • Vandalism: Most vandals only deface property when they are sure they will get away with it, which is why having functional cameras can be a powerful deterrent to these criminals.
  • Safety: People can feel much safer in a hotel or apartment complex when they know security cameras are watching the gates or outdoor common areas.

Guests and tenants should feel safe at all times, which is why remote property surveillance systems from Eye Trax are the best choice for protecting them. For more information about our technology or a free quote, contact Eye Trax today.

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