Security Made for Your Site.


Watch over large or small tracts of land from virtually anywhere and create time-lapse videos tracking changes in vegetation growth from planting season until harvest.


Protect your equipment from theft or use our time-lapse video capabilities to monitor progress of projects on your construction site from ground-breaking to ribbon-cutting.


With instant text alerts, alert local police departments immediately when your camera sensors detect a disturbance to your site, drastically reducing response time.


Guard marinas and docks with 24/7 surveillance, keeping eyes on boats and other valuable assets any time day or night.

Oil & Gas

Safeguard against unwanted visitors and stay ahead of any potentially devastating leaks by always keeping eyes on your pipelines and valve stations—no matter how remote.


From storage yards to remote ranches to college campuses, if you have an area that needs reliable surveillance, Eye Trax can deliver. Contact us today to see how we can customize a solution that will keep your security always in sight.


Secure your sub stations with 24/7 surveillance to deter theft and other unauthorized activity on your site.

Property Management

Monitor the activity of people on properties you own, whether checking for maintenance issues with rental units or ensuring that your site stays clear of unauthorized visitors.

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