Federal, State, and Local Municipalities face an unlimited range of challenges protecting public and private properties. Too many times the offenders committing the crimes get away without charges being brought against them. Typically the areas where the crimes are committed are not often patrolled by law enforcement. Most of the time, areas where dumping, graffiti, drug dealing, drug growing, equipment theft, and other similar crimes are committed, there is no access to power or internet to set up typical security camera system. Eye Trax solves this issue by providing a motion activated camera systems that are equipped with night vision security camera technology. The solar powered wireless security camera system utilizes the cellular network to immediately alert authorities by SMS alert or monitoring personnel of ANY activity in remote locations.

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Operators can change settings on the wireless motion activated cameras remotely by logging into the User Interface or Mobile Phone App. No longer is there a reason to have a gap in surveillance just because there isn’t power available. The Eye Trax solar powered wireless outdoor security camera system provides 24/7 monitoring; in any location, Government agencies may need it.

Stopping illegal dumping, graffiti, marijuana farms, equipment theft, are just a few examples of how solar powered security camera systems can help government agencies become more efficient at controlling sensitive areas that have been too costly to monitor in the past. Not only are the solar motion detection camera systems used to catch crimes in progress with night vision security camera technology, they are also utilized as a solar powered remote surveillance camera system for the purposes of verifying the status of equipment and safety in remote locations that in the past would require a human to report back finding from these locations in words and not pictures.

See how Eye Trax can help solve the issues below by installing our wireless motion activated night vision security camera systems.

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