Installation Methods For Eye Trax Cameras

Eye Trax predetermines the best cellular provider for your camera deploy location, so there’s no need to worry about providing a IOT sim card. We activate multiple IOT sim cards to ensure connectivity. Your cellular camera arrives “ready to go”, and all you need to do is turn it “on”.  Once your camera is powered “on”, login to our software with your provided login credentials to ensure connectivity before installation.

Installation Methods:

Wooden Post 4*4 

Most construction clients just put up a wooden post or pole on site. Concrete into ground and then put up single units. It comes with a solar bracket and camera bracket to easily mount to a post. This was the original installation method.

Barrel Mounting Pole System Installation Method

This installation method is very quick and easy as well. This is our nonpermanent installation method. This allows for you to ultimately move the unit around. It’s a 55 gallon barrel, fill it up with water or sand. We have seen some sites put them on pallets and move around. But remember you must take off camera and solar panel first then move it and then put camera and solar panel back on.

Modular Pole System Installation Method

 12 FT 4 inches with brackets for solar panel and camera. Very simple install. ships in two pieces and assembled easily with bolts provided. Concrete into ground about a foot and half.

Universal Straps and Backplates Installation Method

This is utilized for any existing poles on site you can simply strap the camera and solar panel to the pole. You will need two steel backplates and 4 straps per system.

Wind Turbine & pole/post Installation Method

this is for geographic areas without full sun exposure and harsh weather conditions. The wind turbine will ship with an arm bracket and can be installed on post or pole.

Installation Method PDF – Download Here