1. Power
    Flip the toggle switch to power “on” the camera
  2. Mount
    Install the camera and solar panel brackets on a pole or flat surface using the self-securing hardware provided with your camera
  3. Aim
    Point the camera in the direction of your desired security coverage area. Aim the camera’s solar panel to be facing south for the most sun exposure, adjusting the angle to 45°
  4. Verify
    Use your phone to verify that your camera is viewing the desired security coverage area. If not, make adjustments as necessary until you are satisfied with the viewing area

Eye Trax predetermines the best cellular provider for your camera deploy location, so there’s no need to worry about providing a SIM card.  Your cellular camera arrives “ready to go”, and all you need to do is turn it “on”.  Once your camera is powered “on”, login to our software to view what your camera’s feed.  Need a mounting pole for your solar powered cellular camera?  No worries, we have a variety of options listed on our accessories page, take a look at our most popular mounting pole below:

Barrel Mounting Pole System