Eye Trax Cameras

Are Eligible For Renewable Tax Credits

Eye Trax is notifying all U.S. Clients who have purchased and thinking about purchasing our solar powered security cameras about the renewable energy tax credits that may be available to them with the purchase of any of our camera systems.  If you are interested in green energy and looking for ways to reduce taxes, U.S. Customers who purchase Eye Trax solar-powered camera systems will normally save more than $1,200 dollars with the federal tax credit. 

Solar Energy Property Tax Credit:

  • The tax credit can be claimed by taxpayers on Form 3468
  • Solar energy property is defined by the code (code section 48(a)(2)(A)(i)(II)) as equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity, to heat or cool a structure, or to provide solar process heat (but not for a swimming pool)
  • The credit is not allowed for property unless it is depreciable or amortizable; its construction, reconstruction or erection is completed by the taxpayer; and it meets the official quality and performance standards in effect at the time of acquisition

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