License Plate Reader (LPR) Cameras

Vehicles enter and exit most businesses as they please. However, understanding when and how certain vehicles come and go can improve your business’s safety and productivity. Eye Trax license plate reader camera systems allow you to track vehicle activity, so you know when employees, visitors and vehicles enter and exit.  

Our license plate security camera setups include fixed cameras such our Ranger Series: Ranger plus along with pan, tilt and zoom cameras, such as our Predator. State-of-the-art software advances existing surveillance systems with license plate reader (LPR) technology. Our license plate detection camera systems are primarily used for job site monitoring and incident reports, but they can provide countless other benefits for your business.

What Is an LPR Camera?

License plate reader security cameras use innovative software to read and capture license plate numbers and letters. Motion-sensing capabilities and infrared illuminators record accurate information, so you can effectively monitor which vehicles enter and exit your business. Impressively, the automatic license plate recognition camera will convert license plate letters and numbers to usable text for your records.

An LPR camera from Eye Trax organizes information for you, setting it apart from other cameras that simply take photos of vehicles. Our camera system saves the information you need, so you never have to review hours of video footage searching for the vehicle in question. Eye Trax does not store any of this data and will go away from the VMS software depending on the amount of cloud backup you have. We are not like the “Other guys” who unconstitutionally take license plate data from public roads and store into software and run it into national and local databases.  Once your cloud backup has reached it’s limit all data is purged.

Important Features 

An Eye Trax security camera with license plate recognition can transform your business operations, creating a safer environment for everyone. Each camera includes numerous features that enhance its ability to view, capture and organize information.

  • Night vision capabilities: Eye Trax security cameras feature innovative technology that can capture black-and-white images in even the darkest locations.
  • Wireless & cellular enabled: Connectivity is an essential security camera feature. Our LPR cameras use a cellular data network to store all data in the cloud. Business owners can view live feeds or access important information from anywhere at any time.
  • Predator & Ranger Plus camera options: Choose the security camera with license plate recognition that suits your needs and budget. We offer our LPR cameras for the Ranger Plus & Predator
  • Solar-powered: Security cameras need to function in all conditions, even when the power stops. Solar-powered technology allows you to place LPR cameras in the most remote locations.
  • Fixed and PTZ options: We encourage you to pick the camera system that’s best for your business. Choose fixed cameras or those with pan, tilt and zoom features.

Powerful Cameras Need Powerful Software

Innovative and powerful software has been an essential part of Eye Trax remote surveillance equipment since the beginning. The integration of license plate recognition technology is no different. This LPR software enables you to immediately find the information you need and track vehicles entering or exiting any job site. You can collect plate details and timestamps to help solve incidents quicker and faster.

Why Eye Trax

Eye Trax is more than a supplier of LPR cameras. We’re a partner for all your surveillance needs. We’ll help you find the most affordable and effective cameras and security camera accessories for your needs. We also take it a step further to provide continuous camera monitoring services, so you can continue focusing on your business. If you’re ready to learn more or get started with our LPR cameras, please contact us today!