Wireless Security Cameras

There are many reasons why a wireless surveillance camera system may be necessary to protect your business’s people and property. In some cases, such a safeguard may not be practical or even possible. Traditional camera setups require access to the electrical grid. They also need data infrastructure for storing and accessing the recorded video. This makes it extremely difficult to use them in certain places, especially in remote areas.

Eye Trax can provide a solution in the form of solar-powered, wireless cellular security camera systems. Operating on the same network as cell phones, this wireless surveillance system makes it possible to keep a watchful eye over a high-value area without the limitations of traditional surveillance systems.


Wireless Security Solutions From Eye Trax

What makes the Eye Trax wireless security camera system a good choice for protecting remote areas is the technology behind it. There is virtually no limit to where these wireless surveillance cameras can be placed, thanks to their cloud-based, solar-powered nature. With the Eye Trax system watching over any type of property, users can feel the peace of mind. This is because they have a security solution that fits practically anywhere.

Here are some of the reasons why Eye Trax is the answer to monitoring needs in remote locations:  

• Solar-powered: Our cameras are powered entirely by solar panels. With just six hours of direct sunlight exposure, they will function continuously for up to seven days and nights. The panels can be installed as far as 100 feet from the cameras, offering maximum versatility.

• Cellular data: While traditional surveillance systems require on-site servers to store data, Eye Trax cellular security cameras utilize the wireless 3G/4G data network to store information in the cloud. This eliminates the need for costly infrastructure on-site. It also makes it possible for operators to view live feeds or review recorded information easily wherever they are. Lastly, cellular data provides greater information security compared to systems that share over the general Internet. 


What You Should Know Before Buying Wireless Security Cameras

If your business is considering purchasing a wireless surveillance system to protect your property, here are some points to review:

• How remote is the property? Ports, oil refineries and other industrial sites often are far from population centers — by necessity. This means they lack the essential infrastructure to support traditional surveillance systems.

• How vulnerable is the site? Depending on your industry, your site may be a target for thieves, vandals or terrorists. Having wireless security cameras on-site can deter criminals and provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident. Other times, a property may be vulnerable to natural disasters such as flooding or hurricanes. In these situations, cellular cameras allow businesses to keep an eye on their assets from a safe distance.

• How accessible is power and data? Certain properties, such as construction sites, don’t immediately have access to the power grid or data infrastructure. A cloud-based, solar-powered security system can be a good way to keep such locations monitored.


Regular security cameras aren’t always feasible for watching over your business’s assets. In those scenarios, cellular security solutions from Eye Trax can provide the protection you need. To learn more about our products or to request a quote, contact us today.


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