Warehouse Security Cameras

Depending on the day and time, a warehouse can seem as busy as a small city — or as empty as a ghost town. Warehouse security cameras can help you maintain a safer, more productive facility in both situations and everything in between. On-site warehouse camera systems can help you reduce the risk of workplace injuries, make your employees feel safer and limit the opportunity for criminal behavior by employees and visitors. They also can provide evidence in the event of workplace incidents, as well as protect your facility and the equipment and goods stored there.

Cloud-Based Security Cameras That Are Wireless and Solar-Powered

Warehouses present unique security challenges due to their size, the number of people who come and go during the day and the fact that they’re often empty at night. It’s all too easy and tempting for employees and visitors to help themselves to valuable goods, which may go unnoticed unless you’re keeping a close eye on your facility.

That’s why warehouse security camera systems are invaluable, although choosing a system can be challenging. You’ll want cameras that are reliable, easy to maintain and offer you access to video and images whenever you want to view them. Eye Trax wireless security cameras for warehousing are optimal for warehouses because they’re:

  • Solar-powered: Eye Trax cameras are 100 percent solar-powered. They require no electricity, which means they can be installed and used nearly anywhere. Wireless outdoor cameras require just six hours of direct sunlight to operate continuously for five days and nights. The solar panels that power them can be located as far as 100 feet from the cameras, providing even more flexibility for setup and installation.
  • Cloud-based: Eye Trax cameras use the cellular data network to transfer images and video to our cloud-based server, eliminating the need for expensive data infrastructure typically required for time-lapse cameras or live video feeds. You can review video and images whenever necessary, from any location.

A Safer, More Secure Warehouse

In addition to being easy to install and maintain, Eye Trax warehouse surveillance systems give you access to video and images 24/7. They can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Safer facilities: Your employees are more likely to follow company safety rules and guidelines when they know they’re being monitored. This reduces the possibility of employee accidents and injuries. If an employee or visitor does get injured at your warehouse, you have access to video of the incident that can help reduce your legal and financial exposure.
  • Reduced risk of crime: Security cameras for a warehouse also reduce the risk of personal and property crimes — including assault, theft and vandalism — that may be committed on-site by employees or visitors. Using wireless warehouse outdoor video surveillance also can keep the products stored in your warehouse safe and secure, which is essential to the success of your facility. Should a crime happen, the outdoor security camera for your warehouse can provide evidence of what occurred to help law enforcement pursue the suspects.
  • Improved efficiency: Monitoring your warehouse can make you aware of how busy your facility is at various times and what demands are being placed on your employees. This can help you identify ways to boost productivity.

Why Choose Eye Trax? 

As a leader in providing commercial and industrial security cameras, Eye Trax offers powerful, flexible monitoring solutions for your warehousing needs. Our professional-grade warehouse surveillance equipment will help you maintain a safer, more secure and efficient facility. For more information about our security solutions or to request a quote, contact us today.