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Job site security cameras are a necessity for security because construction sites make an attractive target to thieves and other criminals for a number of reasons. The abundance of valuable materials — often left in plain sight without many of the security features found in finished properties — provides thieves with ample opportunity to walk away with building materials and create costly delays. Because construction sites often are left unsupervised overnight, they also become prime targets for vandals who can cause extensive damage and can set a project far behind schedule. However, construction site camera monitoring can be exceedingly difficult, as sites often lack the necessary infrastructure for these systems or other measures. Without power and data connections, traditional security cameras are virtually impossible to use on construction sites. Fortunately, Eye Trax is there to assist the construction industry with construction site security cameras that can meet its needs, without the need for existing infrastructure.

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Powerful Security Solutions From Eye Trax

Wireless, cloud-based cellular construction site security cameras from Eye Trax give construction companies the freedom and flexibility to monitor their sites no matter what the conditions. Because our construction camera solutions are solar-powered and provide video and images to the cloud through the wireless cellular network, they make the perfect choice for monitoring remote construction sites or sites without the necessary infrastructure for traditional camera setups. Here are a few of the ways in which Eye Trax live construction site security cameras can benefit construction companies:

  • Solar-powered:Because our cameras are 100 percent solar-powered, they can be installed virtually anywhere. With just six hours of direct sunlight exposure, Eye Trax cameras can operate continuously for seven days and nights. The solar panels can be set up as far away from the cameras as 100 feet, giving construction companies maximum flexibility for setup and installation.
  • Cloud-based:Our construction security camera systems use the cellular data network to transfer images and video to our cloud-based server. This means there’s no need to maintain expensive data infrastructure for construction time-lapse cameras or live video feeds. Eye Trax makes everything easy to access, so construction companies can review video or images whenever they need.

Obvious Benefits

Construction companies can benefit from the security provided by Eye Trax cameras in a number of ways. Here are a few of the best reasons why Eye Trax cameras make sense for use in monitoring construction sites:

  • Theft: Stolen building materials can cost construction companies a lot in terms of time and money, but wireless security cameras from Eye Trax make it easier to keep an eye on unprotected sites and watch for thieves.
  • Safety: Unmanned construction sites can be extremely dangerous for anyone who attempts to explore them. However, Eye Trax wireless security cameras can help discourage thrill-seekers from entering sites and allow construction companies to know when someone is entering the site after-hours. The cameras also have night vision capabilities for added peace of mind.
  • Vandalism: The presence of security cameras can be a powerful deterrent to anyone wanting to cause mayhem on a construction site. Video evidence from a job site time-lapse camera can help law enforcement catch and prosecute anyone who commits vandalism on a construction site.

Construction sites can be convenient targets for all kinds of illicit behavior. What’s more, they frequently don’t have the infrastructure in place to install traditional security systems. That’s where a wireless, cloud-based cellular job site camera system from Eye Trax can be a significant benefit for construction companies. Or, if you need remote video monitoring, Eye Trax offers 24/7 real-time camera surveillance from trained professionals. To learn more about our technology and what it can do for you, contact us today to get more information or receive a free quote.

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