Security Cameras For Manufacturing Facilities

Because of their size and complexity, manufacturing facilities can present several challenges for maintaining a safe and secure working environment, as well as reducing theft, vandalism and other potential crimes. If you manage a facility, you already face these kinds of challenges. Security cameras for manufacturing plants can help you reduce the risk of workplace injuries, defend your company in the event of workplace incidents, reduce the risk of criminal behavior by employees and protect valuable infrastructure, equipment and products.

Wireless, Solar-Powered, Cloud-Based Security Cameras

You may have plenty of options for wireless manufacturing plant camera surveillance systems, so how do you choose the right equipment for your facility? Look for manufacturing plant security cameras that require minimal maintenance after installation. Eye Trax offers wireless, solar-powered security cameras with night-vision capabilities that provide video and images to the cloud through a wireless cellular network. They’re optimal for manufacturing facilities because they are:

  • Solar-powered: Eye Trax cameras are 100 percent solar-powered and can be installed virtually anywhere. They need just six hours of direct sunlight to operate continuously for five days and nights. The solar panels that power them can be situated as far as 100 feet from the cameras themselves. This gives you flexibility for setup and installation.
  • Cloud-based: Eye Trax cameras use the cellular data network to transfer images and video to our cloud-based server, eliminating the need for the expensive data infrastructure typically required for time-lapse cameras or live video feeds. You can review video and images whenever necessary, from any location.

Eye Trax manufacturing facility wireless security cameras are easy to install and maintain, and give you access to video and images 24/7. They can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Safer facilities: Your employees are more likely to follow company safety rules and guidelines when they know they’re being monitored. In the event of an accident at your facility, you’ll have access to video of what happened, which can reduce your exposure to workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits.
  • Reduced risk of crime: Manufacturing plant wireless security cameras also can reduce the risk of theft, vandalism and other crimes that may be committed by employees or visitors. They can be installed outdoors — in conjunction with dock loading security cameras, for example — to maintain greater security at points of entry. In the event a crime does occur, you have evidence of what transpired, which can help law enforcement pursue the trespassers.
  • Improved quality control: Monitoring your facility can help reveal potential issues with your processes and procedures, providing the opportunity to improve your company’s efficiency and overall performance.

As a leader in providing commercial and industrial security cameras, Eye Trax offers powerful, flexible manufacturing security camera monitoring solutions for your facility’s needs. Our professional-grade video surveillance equipment will help you maintain a safer, more secure and efficient facility. For more information about our security solutions or to request a quote, contact us today.