Security Cameras For Railways

The nation’s railroads remain a vital component of our infrastructure and commerce. Virtually all types of goods and products are transported by railcar every day, and operators have a tremendous responsibility for keeping railways safe. Constant monitoring is essential for preventing vandalism, theft and terrorism. However, there are thousands of miles of tracks to watch, and most of them are in rural areas without access to power or data. Although these conditions make a railway surveillance system nearly impossible to implement through traditional means, Eye Trax offers an effective solution. Our wireless, cloud-based technology means security cameras for railways can be installed virtually anywhere and trains and tracks can be monitored 24/7, no matter how remote.

Advanced Security Solutions for Railroads

Thanks to our wireless railway cameras, protecting this essential element of our economy is easier than ever. Our line of railway security cameras delivers high-definition images practically anywhere in the world. Here are some of the many features they include and how they can benefit the railroad industry:

  • Solar-powered — These wireless security cameras for railways are 100 percent solar, which means they can be installed even in places where the electrical grid doesn’t reach. This delivers convenient, environmentally friendly monitoring while also reducing energy consumption. Just six hours of exposure to direct sunlight enables the cameras to function continuously for five days and nights. Because the solar panels can be positioned as far as 100 feet away from the units, they also provide maximum flexibility for installation.
  • Cloud-based — Because they use the cellular data network to transfer images and video to our cloud server, wireless railway cameras don’t require extensive on-site IT infrastructure. You can access live feeds or archived data from just about anywhere.
  • Motion detection — Passive infrared technology enables our products to detect activity around your facilities or assets.
  • Night vision — Our infrared LED illumination delivers 100 feet of clear visibility regardless of how little light may be available.

Complete Monitoring Capabilities

There are many reasons why it’s important to monitor railroad tracks, rail yards and other vital assets. These include:

  • Theft — A security system can be essential for preventing theft. It also can provide crucial evidence to catch and prosecute thieves.
  • Vandalism — Railways are frequent targets for vandals because they often are unmanned. Cameras can deter vandalism or help catch perpetrators in the act.
  • Terrorism — As a critical element of the nation’s economy, railroads may be prime targets for terrorists. By enabling operators to keep a close eye on their facilities, our surveillance cameras can help keep them safe.

Trains keep America running, and a good security system can help keep them moving and free from harm. For more information about our railway cameras and how they can work for you, reach out to us today. You also can fill out our online form to receive a free quote.