Infrared Motion Detection Cameras


Eye Trax infrared motion detector cameras employ revolutionary Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) that use thermal technology to detect and send video alerts of true disturbances on your site. Most other camera systems on the market rely on motion detection through a “change in pixels,” which inevitably trigger a multitude of false alarms. The Eye Trax PIR infrared motion sensor camera virtually eliminates false alarms by creating a thermal grid that only triggers alerts when a new thermal profile (human or vehicle) disturbs the detection area.

When there’s a disturbance detected on your site, the Eye Trax motion sensor camera with outdoor infrared capabilities can react and capture video within half a second. Each camera in the Ranger and Predator series comes equipped with a Remote Motion Sensor that can be installed within 250ft (76m) of the camera, resulting in 500ft of the detection area.

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Can Your Camera See in the Dark?


With infrared imaging, Eye Trax security cameras keep your site secure around the clock. Even when darkness falls, if a PIR sensor is tripped, our state-of-the-art night vision imaging springs into action to capture video clips of the disturbance in real time. Eye Trax cameras equipped with night vision can send clear videos of disturbances up to 100 feet (30 m) away any time day or night—showing you things many other security cameras can’t see.

When Seconds Count, We Deliver.


With sensors smart enough to differentiate between false alarms and true disturbances, Eye Trax ensures that you get notified immediately when unauthorized motion is detected on your site. You will receive a text alert image with a short video clip of the disturbance, or if your cameras are being monitored by a security command center, our cloud software will highlight the camera view in red. Alert notifications are sent immediately after a sensor is triggered, keeping you connected to your site in real time.

Since many sites have authorized activity during certain hours, the Eye Trax motion activated infrared camera allows for scheduled motion detection times, which can be programmed through Scheduled Alerting using our cloud-based software. You can choose when to receive text message alerts and add additional mobile phone numbers to receive notifications.