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Protecting the integrity of our nation’s food supply is one of a farmer’s most important responsibilities. Keeping an eye on his or her fields and pens is essential for farmers or anyone else in the agriculture industry — but it can be extremely difficult to do with a traditional surveillance system. Farm fields can be remote, lacking access to the electrical and Internet infrastructure most modern security camera systems require. Fortunately, Eye Trax offers the agriculture market the farm security system solutions it needs, thanks to our wireless, cloud-based technology. With Eye Trax’s wireless farm and ranch security cameras in place, the agriculture industry can keep a close eye on its property and its responsibilities — no matter where they are located.

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Security Cameras For The Cannabis and Hemp Industry

Eye Trax has partnered with farmers in the cannabis and hemp industries to develop the first solar-powered farm surveillance camera system specifically designed for those industries. For more information, see our Cannabis & Hemp farming page.

Security Solutions for Agriculture

Remote security cameras for farms from Eye Trax give farmers the ability to monitor their land and livestock from practically anywhere. That’s because our solar-powered, cloud-based camera technology is the key to agriculture camera systems that function in a variety of settings. Here’s how Eye Trax cameras can benefit the agriculture industry:

  • Solar-powered: Because our cameras are 100% solar-powered, they can be installed practically anywhere, regardless of how far they are from the power grid. With just six hours of direct sunlight exposure, Eye Trax cameras can operate continuously for five days and nights. The solar panels that power them can be installed as far as 100 feet from the cameras, giving operators maximum flexibility.
  • Cloud-based: Using cellular data to transfer images and video to our cloud-based server, Eye Trax wireless farm security cameras don’t require farmers to maintain expensive server infrastructure to monitor their fields and animals. Whether they want to review images and video from any time within the past year or see a live feed of their property, Eye Trax farm security system solutions make it easy for them to do.

Clear Benefits

Protecting America’s farmlands is critical for a number of reasons. No matter how many acres farmers have to manage, Eye Trax provides them with total surveillance options, complete with night vision capabilities, helping to keep their properties safe from:

  • Theft: Theft of equipment or livestock can seriously impact a farmer’s ability to make a living, but our wireless security solutions help monitor property even when no one is on site.
  • Natural disasters: Flooding or drought can be devastating to a farmer’s bottom line. There’s no better way to keep an eye on the condition of fields and property than security cameras from Eye Trax.

The agriculture industry has an obligation to keep farmland safe, for the benefit of the American people as well as its own livelihood. Farm and rural security camera systems from Eye Trax make it possible for farmers to fulfill their obligations easily and effectively.

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