Security Cameras Powered by the Sun

100% Solar-Powered. 100% Wire-Free.

With Eye Trax, you get a security camera system that allows for autonomous operation no matter how remote your location—thanks to the power of the sun. With just a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight, Eye Trax solar panels can effectively charge your cameras for continuous operations and five days of back up power when the sun is hidden behind the clouds.

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Eye Trax Cameras Are Eligible For Renewable Energy Tax Credits

All U.S. Clients who have purchased and thinking about purchasing our solar powered security cameras about the renewable energy tax credits that may be available to them with the purchase of any of our camera systems. If you are interested in green energy and looking for ways to reduce taxes, U.S. Customers who purchase Eye Trax solar-powered camera systems will normally save more than $1,200 dollars with the federal tax credit.

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Quick Tech Specs:

Our Cloud Has You Covered



As part of our expansive cloud services, we predetermine the best cellular provider for the location of your Eye Trax camera so you never have to worry about finding a signal. Your camera system arrives ready to operate, automatically connecting to the nearest cellular tower as soon as you power it on. We can provide cellular service from any provider anywhere in the world for the same low monthly cloud services fee—keeping you connected to any site no matter how remote.


View, connect and control your cameras from anywhere with our cloud-based software. Using any web browser, you can access to your camera’s command center, which allows for monitoring of your site through Live Look images and videos. With the Eye Trax secure login, you can share photos, request live pictures, browse previous images and videos, adjust settings and create time-lapse videos to take full control of your site’s security from the palm of your hand.


Our cloud services include unlimited cellular data transfer from each Eye Trax camera to our media storage system in the cloud. With photos and videos organized chronologically, you will easily be able to pinpoint the images you need when you need them. As a part of the “Services”, videos or images are stored for increments of 14 Days, 30 Days and 90 Days