Security Cameras For The Power And Utilities Industries

Continuity of service is critical in the utility industry. Customers want to know that they will have power, gas or water every time they need it. That means preventing interruptions of any kind is a high priority for providers. Keeping a watchful eye on essential facilities and assets enable you to identify problems and resolve them as quickly as possible. However, this can be challenging for stations in remote locations.

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Without the necessary infrastructure for a security system, you may believe you aren’t able to install the traditional surveillance system that can help keep your promises to the people you serve. Fortunately, Eye Trax provides security cameras for utility companies that offer a clear solution. Our wireless, cloud-based technology means there are virtually no limitations to stand in the way of security.

Powerful Security Solutions for Power and Utility Companies

With camera systems from Eye Trax, utility providers have the ability to monitor their facilities at all times regardless of where they are. Thanks to our innovative designs, these security cameras for power companies are perfect for surveillance.

  • Solar-powered: Powered 100 percent by the sun, our system can be installed no matter how far from the grid your properties are. They can operate continuously for five days and nights after only six hours of direct exposure to sunlight. Additionally, the solar panels can be set up as far as 100 feet from the units — giving you maximum flexibility for installation.
  • Cloud-based: Because they utilize the cellular data network to transfer images and video to our cloud server, our systems don’t require expansive data infrastructure. Watching a live feed or reviewing archived images and footage is easy and convenient.
  • Motion-activated: With passive infrared technology, they will be activated by any movement.
  • Night vision: Infrared LED illumination delivers 100 feet of clear visibility no matter how little light there is at the time.

Complete Protection

There are numerous reasons why it’s a good idea to monitor power stations, water towers and other vital facilities. These include:

  • Theft: Valuable equipment and materials can be inviting to thieves, especially in remote areas where there is less chance they’ll be seen.
  • Tampering: Any point along essential utility lines may become a target for terrorists or anyone else seeking to harm others.
  • Natural disasters: When an earthquake, lightning strike, mudslide or another type of catastrophe causes an outage, it can be hours before the cause is discovered. Around-the-clock monitoring can enable faster response.