Predator 3.0


The ultimate security camera system, our newly designed Predator 5G security camera provides 355 degrees of panning and 90 degrees of tilt up and down and provides 1/3″ 4MP CMOS Image Sensor, 4-Megapixel Ultra High Definition Video for Excellent Quality and Clarity, 4MP @25fps.This camera includes advanced analytics features such as Tripwire, Intrusion, etc which will help to increase the overall efficiency and accuracy of the camera.With add-on accessories, you can customize it to suit your specific site security requirements.

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Solar-Powered Wireless Security Cameras with Cellular Coverage

  • Solar-powered with rechargeable battery back-up for wire-free operation
  • Custom mount options to suit your specific needs with easy installationThis camera includes advanced analytics features such as Tripwire, Intrusion,etc. which help to increase the overall efficiency and accuracy of the cameras
  •  Built in Speaker and Mic for Two-Way Audio


Solar with 5-day internal battery back-up
Live View - Video and Smart detection videos stored in software and cloud
4G/5G cellular
Night Vision:
4 IR LEDs for 98ft Night Vision
Text and Email Notifications
Mount Options:
Please refer to the accessories guide. We have a solution for any mounting objective.
Motion Detection:
Smart Motion Detection: Human Detection

IVS Features include Tripwire & Intrusion
Focal length
Focal Length: 2.7 - 13.5mm
Cloud Storage:
Comes with 14 Day Cloud Backup - 30 Day & 60 Day Cloud available
Audio Recording:
Built in Speaker and Mic for Two-Way Audio
Operation Temperatures:
–40 °F to +140 °F
Image Access:
Cloud services (software and storage)
Easy-to-use intuitive web-based command center. Comes with Desktop access and mobile app.
Local Back-up Storage:
Built-in SD card with local back-up in the event of a connection interruption - 250GB SD card.
Voltage Proof
TVS 2000 V lightning proof; surge protection; voltage transient protection
Active Detterents
Active Deterrents, Light Warning: Red and Blue light warning, Flash Duration: 5s-
30s, Flash Frequency: High, Medium, Low
Siren Warning: Customizable Alarm Duration: 10s, 20s, 30s


Primary power:
Solar (one 60-watt panel)
System operation voltage:
Secondary power:
Lithium-ion battery or 110 / 220 AC option
Battery Life:
5 days (continuous operation with no sun exposure)
4G/5G cellular
Image access:
Cloud services (software and storage)
Antenna/modem: 4G and 5G (GSM & CDMA)
Removable SMA 5db gain
4MP 4MP CMOS Image Sensor, 4-Megapixel Ultra High Definition Video for Excellent Quality and Clarity, 4MP @25fps
Smart Motion Detection: Human Detection
45 frames per second - H.264 Codec
Live image request
Scheduled image acquisition
motion-activated video clips
Motion sensor technology:
Thermal detection (PIR)
Motion detection distance:
Remote Sensor 250 ft. (76 m)
Night vision technology:
Invisible infrared light
Night vision distance:
175 ft. (53 m)
Camera dimensions:
(L) 10 in. x (H) 7 in. x (W) 4 in.
25 cm x 18 cm x 10 cm
Camera weight:
8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Solar panel dimensions:
(L) 27 in. x (H) 26 in. x (W) 2 in.
69 cm x 66 cm x 5 cm
Solar panel weight:
8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Operation temperatures:
-40 °F to 140 °F
-40 °C to 60 °C
Camera casing:
IP66 PLastic Enclosure

system components

Predator 3.0 Camera System
Solar panel
Solar Bracket
Camera Bracket


Since Eye Trax predetermines the best cellular provider for your cameras based on the location of your site, there’s no need to locate an internet connection for the Predator when you receive your camera system. And with wire-free operation, the Eye Trax Predator can be easily installed in four simple steps:

1. Power
Flip the toggle switch to power on the Predator
2. Mount
Install the camera and solar panel brackets on a pole or flat surface using the self-securing hardware provided with your camera
3. Aim
Use the software to aim and zoom your camera to your desired viewing area.

Installation Instructions


1. Why does solar power matter?

Before Eye Trax, when a site that needed security was beyond the reach of electrical outlets, the only solution was to lay new electrical cable to the desired location in a costly, time-consuming process known as trenching. Eye Trax gives you the freedom of completely wire-free connectivity with solar-powered cameras that run on the power of the sun—not electricity.

To learn more about how Eye Trax cameras work, click here

2. How does the cellular and cloud service work?

Before your cameras are shipped to you, Eye Trax determines the cellular provider with the best coverage for the planned location of your security cameras so that your system arrives ready to operate, automatically connecting to the nearest cellular tower. Our monthly cloud services plans include unlimited cellular data transfer and cloud-based software that can be accessed from any web browser or mobile device to connect you to your site camera’s whenever needed.

Click here to learn more about our Cloud Services

3. What is the range of motion detection for the Predator?

Each Predator comes with a Remote Motion Sensor included that responds to changes in thermal activity within a 40-foot one-directional range (12 m). Additional sensors may be added to extend the motion detection area an additional 250 feet (76 m).

View additional sensors here

4. How is the Predator activated?

Unlike other security camera systems on the market that rely on a “change in pixels” to detect movement, Eye Trax employs the more advanced method of Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) to create an invisible thermal grid that triggers only when new thermal profiles (human or vehicle) are introduced.

Learn more about our motion sensors here

5. How do I receive images from my camera?

Eye Trax cameras employ sophisticated motion sensors that trigger a response to disturbances within half a second. You will immediately receive a text alert image or short video clip of the disturbance, or if your cameras are being monitored by a security command center, our cloud software will highlight the camera view in red. Since some sites may have legitimate activity during certain hours, we offer Scheduled Alerting to activate alerts only when you need them. You may also view live images or video from your site at any time via our cloud-based software.

For more information about image retrieval and alerts, click here

Only Solar-Powered Security Cameras with Worldwide Cellular Coverage
Solar-powered with rechargeable battery back-up for wire-free operation
4G/5G worldwide cellular connection
Thermal night vision captures images otherwise hidden to the human eye
Durable enough for any climate or worksite
Custom lens and mount options to suit your specific needs with easy installation
Industry-leading motion sensors send immediate alerts when triggered
24/7 Cloud-based portal allows monitoring from anywhere
Live view images available upon request via our software