Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Construction sites, marinas, parking lots, and other outdoor locations often require around-the-clock surveillance. However, it can be difficult and expensive to set up a camera system due to the remote nature of these areas. Not to mention, the fact that these locations don’t always have ready access to power and data connections.

Fortunately, deploying an Eye Trax mobile surveillance trailer offers dependable, 24/7 monitoring of any off-grid location. Equipped with advanced technology and software, mobile security camera towers are an underrated investment for protecting your assets. Even the mere presence of one of our trailers can be a powerful deterrent for theft, vandalism and other crimes.

Features & Benefits

Our security camera trailers provide users with unmatched surveillance capabilities and features, including:

  • Portability: Our camera security trailers are truly portable, equipped with wheels that allow them to be moved and maneuvered to a new location as quickly as possible. They can be transported using standard trailer setups and can be relocated to the next jobsite within minutes.
  • Solar Power: Every mobile security camera trailer we sell features solar panels and a battery system, enabling them to be fully powered even in areas where there is no connection to the electrical grid.
  • Configurability: These can be outfitted with any camera within our lineup with the desired software integration. Our portable surveillance camera trailers also can incorporate multiple camera units to increase visibility and coverage.
  • Cloud-Based Cellular Network: Our mobile video surveillance trailers are linked to the 5G cloud-base cellular network, so there’s no need to worry about Wi-Fi or hardwired data connections.

Countless Industry Applications

The flexibility and mobility of these portable security camera trailers make them ideal for a wide range of industry applications. With their solar capabilities and 5G cellular data connections, they can be placed virtually anywhere and set up with minimal difficulty. Equipped with a myriad of features, these solar surveillance trailers can be positioned to monitor construction sites, marinas, rail yards and more. The possibilities are endless because we’ve designed these units to work in even the most remote and challenging locations – without the need for any existing electrical or network infrastructure.

Check out our two trailer options below.

The_Guardian_Series_Mobile_Surveillance_Trailer.pdf (1)


Eye Trax Custom Capabilities

We understand that every business has unique circumstances and requirements. This is why we take care to make these trailer systems configurable to provide a unique security solution for practically any situation. These trailers can empower your security personnel, deter theft & vandalism, and allow users to outfit their operations with the specific surveillance capabilities they need.

If you’d like to learn more about these mobile surveillance trailers and what they can do to keep your assets safe, contact us to ask about these units and which add-ons would be most suitable for your application.