Security Cameras For Schools And College Campuses

One look at recent headlines should be enough to understand how important security is for schools. Whether kindergarten or college campus, protecting students is imperative for any educational institution’s mission.

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Having a surveillance system to keep a close eye on people and property can be an important component of any security plan. However, this can be challenging for a school because access to power and other important infrastructure may be limited.

Fortunately, Eye Trax has the solution. Thanks to our advanced wireless technology, we provide school security camera systems that can be deployed under virtually any conditions. Powered by the sun and sending data over cellular to the cloud, our systems make safeguarding schools easier.

Powerful Security Solutions for Schools

Our products make for the best school security cameras because they can be integrated into virtually any environment. With our innovative designs, administrators and security personnel can keep a watchful eye over the entire campus. 

Here are some of the many features of our campus security cameras that would benefit your institution:

  • Solar-powered: Our systems are 100 percent powered by the sun. They can be placed anywhere without worrying about connecting them to the grid. Just six hours of direct exposure to sunlight will power them for five continuous days and nights. What’s more, the panels can be placed up to 100 feet from the units, giving you maximum flexibility for installation.
  • Cloud-based: Because they utilize the cellular data network for transferring images and video, they don’t require expensive data infrastructure. All information is stored on our cloud server, making it easy to access live feeds as well as archives for up to one year.
  • Motion-activated: Passive infrared technology activates recording whenever movement is detected.
  • Night vision: No matter how dark the grounds and hallways may be, infrared LED illumination makes all recordings appear as clear as day with a field of vision up to 100 feet.

Benefits for University Campuses

Having security cameras on college campuses can make them much safer for students and visitors. Here are some critical reasons why:

  • Theft: Monitoring a property helps prevent valuable items such as laptops and bicycles from being stolen. It also can ensure thieves are caught and property is returned.
  • Vandalism: When potential vandals know an area is under surveillance, they are less likely to strike.
  • Assault: Cameras can discourage attackers from preying on vulnerable people. They also generate evidence that can be essential for prosecution.
  • Emergencies: School camera systems such as these provide visibility for first responders in the event of an emergency. They can be crucial for coordinating response and preventing further harm.

Keeping educational properties safe is important to create the best environment for learning. Our systems can provide 24/7 surveillance on college campuses no matter what the situation. For more information, contact us today or fill out our online form to receive a quote.

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