Cannabis Grow Security Cameras

Eye Trax has partnered with farmers in the cannabis and hemp industries to develop the first solar-powered grow facility and cannabis security camera. The Grow camera was designed with two primary needs in mind for marijuana and hemp farm security. 

  • Provide reliable and secure wireless grow facility security solution, offering the same exceptional protection customers have come to expect from Eye Trax.
  • Offer a camera that does not adversely impact the maturity of cannabis and hemp plants during their growth. 

Eye Trax achieved this and so much more with the Grow security camera configuration. Identical in performance and reliability to the full suite of Eye Trax products, the outdoor Grow security camera is powered by a single solar panel charged, propriety Lithium Ion battery, encased within the camera housing.  This wireless power autonomy allows for farmers to place the camera anywhere on their farm, without the need for running expensive power lines.  Additionally, the Grow facility security camera also transmits images and video via a cellular connection, eliminating the need for expensive WiFi installation, ideal for large farms and grow facilities.

This cannabis video camera security solution also is equipped with either a Green or White Ultra LED lamp, affixed via an adjustable mount to the top of the camera housing.  This unique design provides for two specific benefits.  First, it blankets the target area in vibrant light, for increased night vision clarity.  And second, by replacing the infrared array lamps, which have been scientifically proven to cause hermaphroditism in maturing hemp and cannabis plants, the green (or white) Ultra LED lamps to pose no harm to crops whatsoever. 

Additionally, navigating the complex permitting requirements of both State and Local authorities can be a daunting task.  Our cannabis live security camera surveillance system was designed in keeping with the Santa Barbara County guidelines for Security Monitoring and Site Illumination, and, in doing so, the Grow security system meets (and exceeds) the requirements for ingress/egress monitoring, external flood lamp (illumination) and data retention requirements (Sec. 2b & 4(a-j) of the Cannabis Farming Guidelines. 

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