EyeTrax IP/WIFI Hybrid Cloud Integrations

We solve decade old problems with a software-first mindset

EyeTrax takes pride in offering customized integrated solutions for POE-WIFI connection. Most businesses rely on old outdated systems that leave businesses vulnerable to…

  • storage limitations
  • night time monitoring
  • gaps in coverage
  • limited scalability
  • multiple interfaces
  •  security breaches
  • equipment malfunctions
  • unauthorized access
  • data privacy concerns
  • nighttime monitoring
  • Hardware integration

Hybrid cloud video security systems offer the best of both worlds when it comes to security and storage for small-enterprise-level businesses. 

Here are the main features and benefits of EyeTrax hybrid cloud security integrations:

  • Smart analytic cloud storage and local video storage 
  • Bandwidth friendly 
  • Highly scalable 
  • Cost-effective  
  • Remote access 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Plug in play Installation
  • Configurable video retention 
  • Ability to add off-grid solar & cellular security cameras with IP/WIFI cameras into one central interface 
  • License plate recognition 
  • Night time monitoring: EyeWatch Monitoring 
  • VPN – secure and reliable 
  • Integrations into project management software and VMS software
  • Incident reporting

Why Should You Implement a Hybrid Cloud Security System into your business?

Hybrid cloud security systems are the best option for businesses that need to monitor large areas. They are highly recommended for retail stores, schools, municipalities, and manufacturers.

Hybrid cloud video storage systems have many advantages over traditional NVR and DVR camera systems, and businesses that choose to implement them will reap the rewards. For starters, hybrid cloud cameras are much easier to install and maintain than traditional systems. 

They are also highly scalable, with each camera having a solid-state drive that stores footage locally. This ensures that businesses can easily monitor large areas without having to worry about storage limitations, gaps in coverage, or limited scalability. 

Another great feature of hybrid cloud security systems is that they are more bandwidth-friendly than cloud-based systems. This is because they only upload metadata and footage triggered by activity, rather than continuously streaming footage to the cloud. This makes them a great option for businesses in remote areas with limited bandwidth. Moreover, hybrid cloud cameras offer remote access to footage from nearly anywhere with an internet connection. 

They are also more secure and reliable than traditional NVR and DVR systems, as they do not rely on open and exposed centralized recorders and computers for direct system access. This means that businesses can rest assured knowing that their security system is always up and running. In conclusion, if you want a security system that is easy to install, highly scalable, and cost-effective, then a hybrid cloud security system is the way to go. 

Don’t settle for traditional NVR and DVR systems that have storage limitations and gaps in coverage. Upgrade your business’s security system to a hybrid cloud security system today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business is always being monitored.

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