Security Cameras For Storage Units

Storage facilities sell more than space for stashing extra stuff — they also offer peace of mind. They want their customers to feel confident their belongings will be kept safe at all times. This is what makes security cameras for storage systems such an important feature of their operation. In any type of storage facility, a security camera can help prevent theft or vandalism by keeping a watchful eye over the entire property. Security cameras also can provide valuable video evidence in the event a crime or workplace incident occurs. However, the nature of these facilities means it may be difficult or cost-prohibitive to install traditional systems everywhere they need to be. Fortunately, Eye Trax has the solution. Our innovative wireless camera for storage systems can provide near-complete coverage no matter how large the facility.

The Ideal Security Camera Solutions for Storage Facilities

Protecting a storage system with a wireless security camera gives you exceptional flexibility, and our technology provides numerous advantages when compared to traditional systems. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when using our wireless self-storage security cameras for your facility: 

  • Solar-powered: Our systems are fully powered by the sun, meaning you don’t have to worry about connecting them to the grid. These outdoor storage facility cameras will operate continuously for five days and nights after just six hours of direct sunlight. You’ll also have virtually limitless options for placing them. That’s because the solar panels can be placed up to 100 feet away from the cameras.
  • Cloud-based: Utilizing cellular data networks to send information to the cloud, our wireless cameras don’t require you to maintain expensive infrastructure on your premises. You’ll also have the ability to access photos or video from wherever you are.
  • High-quality imaging: Our solutions capture high-definition still images and video, so every detail will appear crisp and clear. Certain models also feature advanced night-vision technology, enabling them to penetrate complete darkness across large distances.
  • Greater convenience: Our self-storage security systems make it easy for owners and operators to keep eyes on every corner of their properties. Without wires, our cameras can be placed almost anywhere. Uploading their data to the cloud means footage can be reviewed, and real-time images viewed, anywhere and at any time. 

Why Choose Eye Trax? 

We specialize in powerful, versatile monitoring systems for a variety of industries. With professional-grade surveillance equipment from Eye Trax, you’ll be able to keep your facilities safer and provide an extra level of security for your clients. You’ll also rest easier knowing that your customers’ personal belongings will be watched 24/7. We hold the leadership position in the marketplace because no one else offers the same level of protection in such a cost-effective package. For more information about what we can do for you or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.