The Benefits Of Security Cameras For Warehouses

June 5, 2022

Any business can benefit from video surveillance for a multitude of reasons. Warehouses, though, are particularly suited for video monitoring.

Huge spaces with hidden or frequently reconfigured areas, warehouses are difficult to physically monitor. The addition of security cameras for warehouses is a cost-effective way to secure your facility, protect your products from theft and ensure that your workers are following best practices for job site safety, as well as help with product tracking.

The right system should allow remote monitoring when you’re off-site, providing 24-hour coverage and the technical support to make sure your surveillance system never goes dark.

Breaking Down the Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the ways video surveillance can be a boon to your warehouse operation:

  1. Facility security: Cameras watching the perimeter of a building discourage thieves from approaching — let alone entering — your facility. You’ll be able to detect unauthorized personnel inside and outside the building that your employees on the ground may not be able to see.
  2. Eliminate hidden areas: If your warehouse has areas that are difficult to see from the ground, you need to put eyes on it to ensure it remains in the proper condition and is not being used for reasons unrelated to your mission.
  3. Theft reduction: Cameras discourage thefts inside the building and, if crime does occur, can provide a visual record to help apprehend the culprit.
  4. Work-site safety: If your employees are engaging in unsafe practices or if conditions in or around your building are creating a hazard, video monitoring can identify these risks and prompt mitigating action.
  5. Cost conscious: Warehouses without surveillance systems are often protected by contracted security personnel. The cost for such services can be high, and the human element associated with security guards all but guarantees a certain degree of inconsistency in the provided work.
  6. Product tracking: Could your logistics process need some fine tuning? If so, surveillance could help you identify inefficiencies in the way your warehouse staff receives, handles and disseminates your products.

Choosing the Right System

Do you need hidden cameras or cameras that are in full view of your employees? Is the picture of sufficient quality to identify the people in any video-captured incident? Can you access the security system from your smart phone? Are your surveillance needs covered 24 hours per day, seven days per week?

These are just some of the questions you should consider when you consult with a video surveillance company. A thorough company will also have questions for you, such as:

  • What incident, if any, prompted your decision to add surveillance?
  • What, in your view, is the highest priority security threat?
  • What security measures do you currently have?
  • How does your product enter and exit the building, and what interim processes might prompt its movement inside the building?
  • Do you have any security concerns based on your location?

Always Watching

Ultimately, a security camera system is only effective if it avoids going offline. Eye Trax offers 100% wireless systems, powered by solar energy and connected to secure 3G, 4G and 5G networks across the globe.

Eye Trax technology features options such as motion detection; infrared technology to capture images the human eye can’t; available live view; and cloud-based access. Our services include 24/7 real time monitoring by trained security professionals and our products can complete your system with pole mounts, strobe warning lights and more.

Reach out to us to learn more about Eye Trax products.