The Importance Of Marijuana Security Camera Systems

November 20, 2023

If you’re going into the legal marijuana business, you’ll need to know a little about the security and surveillance business.

The importance of security cameras for cannabis growers and sellers is twofold: First, the heavily codified legal weed business requires it; second, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing your business, employees and customers will always have eyes on them.

Medical and recreational dispensaries and cultivation warehouses are tempting targets for criminal activity. Security cameras are an essential deterrent to would-be thieves inside and outside your facility.

So, let’s talk about the importance of marijuana security camera systems — before your business dreams go up in smoke.

Pot Culture vs. Business Culture

Traditionally, marijuana users might have a reputation for being, let’s say, laid back. However, a business owner whose inventory could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on any given day has to show a different face to customers and the community.

A visible commitment to security sends the appropriate message to the community you’re trying to join and the criminals you’re trying to discourage.

Besides, there’s a good chance you’ll have a lot more cash on hand than most businesses. Because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, many federally insured financial institutions refuse to offer services to state-legal marijuana businesses. Thus, even while legislative remedies such as the Safe Banking Act are being sought, cannabis businesses tend to run on a cash basis.

Curbing Temptation

Yes, deterring criminals outside of your organization is important. However, internal theft could be a far more serious and constant threat to a cannabis facility.

A bit of bud or a few gummies might not seem like a lot to a light-fingered employee, but a week or so of that could put a serious dent in your bottom line.

So, not only do you need cameras covering the outside of your building and all entry points, but you’ll also need cameras in employee-only areas such as storerooms or packaging areas. You should also have time- and date-stamped footage, tightly controlled access to that footage and systems that are not easily disabled or bypassed. This will ensure a level of accountability on the part of your workers.

Know the Law

Depending on what state or even what municipality you set up shop in, the laws you’ll have to follow might vary wildly. Those requirements will definitely impact your security plan.

Most states require monitoring of the entire facility. That will mean multiple cameras and, potentially, a lot of wiring. However, products such as the Predator — Eye Trax’ 350-degree panning, solar-powered camera — can reduce the number of cameras you’ll need and amount of electrical infrastructure you’ll have to install.

Other legal requirements could include:

  • Surveillance system diagrams
  • On-site security staffing
  • Minimum resolution for security cameras
  • Minimum storage time for security footage

More to Consider

There’s much more to think about when it comes to understanding surveillance technology for your marijuana business. While cameras will scare off many thieves, a professional security company could address concerns that arise for the criminals who ignore them:

  • Who monitors your live video, and what are the protocols for alarms, warnings and company contacts?
  • What’s the best camera layout for maximum coverage?
  • How can you access live images remotely?
  • Is there cloud-based data storage?
  • Are solar-powered cameras reliable?
  • Can the system adapt and grow with your business?

Eye Trax can answer all your questions with its line of cameras, accessories and monitoring services. We’ll also explain the technology. All you have to do contact us to begin moving toward a more secure future.