Quality Security Cameras Can Help Keep Schools Safe

October 30, 2023

Keeping children safe at school has always been a high priority for parents and administrators. The need has only become more pressing due to a spate of incidents over the last several years. Schools large and small in every community across the country are concerned about security. Students cannot learn and achieve if safety is a concern, which is why teachers and administration officials strive to make their campuses as secure as possible.

Although there have been many solutions proposed for accomplishing this, one of the most effective may be the addition of cameras. With a surveillance system deployed around the building and connected property, an educational facility can be made safer — making the atmosphere much more conducive to helping a student reach his or her full potential.

Why Schools Need Security Cameras

Of all the technology that can be used to make school buildings safer, a high-quality camera system may be one of the best. That’s because it is passive, easy to maintain and offers numerous advantages. Among the benefits that school surveillance cameras provide are:

  • Total coverage. When they’re placed in the right locations, cameras can monitor the entire property. Personnel and administrators can see much more than just by walking the property or having individuals stationed at just a few spots. This makes cameras especially useful for monitoring large areas such as playgrounds and parking lots, as well as smaller spaces such as hallways and classrooms.
  • Crime prevention. The presence of cameras can be a powerful deterrent for many crimes that commonly occur at schools. Vandalism, theft and assaults can be prevented when students know they’re being recorded.
  • Monitoring visitors. Many individuals must enter and exit a school building over the course of a day. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these visitors and what they’re doing. A solution involving surveillance cameras means visitors have “eyes” on them at all times.
  • Peace of mind. One of the most important responsibilities principals and other administrative officials have is reassuring parents, guardians and students. With cameras throughout their buildings, they can offer peace of mind and focus on educating their charges. Cameras also may help put teachers at ease because they can capture incidents in the classroom that might require disciplinary action, and the images provide clear evidence of any wrongdoing.

Where to Install Cameras

In order to be effective, surveillance cameras must be positioned in the right places. This includes high-traffic areas as well as those locations around the campus that are exceptionally vulnerable. Some of these high-risk areas include:

  • With so many students moving from room to room, it can be difficult to monitor all of them without assistance.
  • Computer labs. Valuable equipment must be watched at all times to prevent misuse or theft.
  • Large numbers of people require surveillance that can cover a lot of ground.
  • Quiet areas with tall shelving units can create hidden places where students can get into trouble.
  • Playgrounds and athletic fields. These systems can watch wide-open spaces more effectively than human eyes can.
  • Parking lots. These areas can be especially dangerous with the number of cars and buses that come in and go out every day.

Keeping schools safe is a big job but also an important one. Installing a security camera system can go a long way toward creating a more secure and safe educational environment. Contact Eye Trax today for your security assessment.