Spot AI + EyeTrax Surveillance Equipment & Software

The right AI surveillance software does more than just spot potential problems. It helps your business reduce risks, improve operations and gain actionable insight.

Spot AI is a powerful surveillance software platform that delivers all of this — and more. Utilizing advanced algorithms, Spot AI can help you get the most out of your camera system and put collected data to work for you. It also provides a central management point for all surveillance operations, in turn allowing you to quickly identify, report and resolve incidents, helping improve security team collaboration.

In addition, the software easily integrates into existing business systems, allowing companies to quickly boost the intelligence of any camera technologies they already have installed.


Artificial Video Intelligence

The Spot AI video intelligence platform is capable of automatically detecting people, vehicles, incidents and other events of note. Camera owners can easily define and designate specific “smart zones” that prioritize high-activity areas, while event-based software triggers let security teams easily scrub video timelines and quickly jump to specific incidents or highlight specific clips.

In practice, the use of AI makes it possible for businesses to reduce the time between incident occurrence and detection. Intelligent event analysis allows teams to quickly pinpoint potential problems and evaluate their risk — for example, if a car was detected by one camera and then by several other cameras in quick succession, there may be cause for concern.

AI security camera software also helps limit the chance of false positives. Equipped with algorithms designed to improve over time, AI software can learn to focus on events that matter most.

Other Key Features

  • Local storage plus unlimited cloud integration
  • Video wall dashboard that allows you to see all locations live from any device
  • Minimal setup time required

Spot AI integrates seamlessly with any camera system using RTSP stream. This means it’s possible to make any camera into a smart video surveillance camera — whether you prefer to keep your current camera hardware or buy all-new technology, Spot AI has you covered.

Cohesive and Collaborative for All Teams

Spot AI is designed to help your teams manage daily operations and easily share video data. By empowering collaboration with cross-team sharing and video annotation, staff can quickly evaluate video clips and identify common trends. For example, teams might share video data and discover that the same group of people driving the same vehicle have been spotted at night across multiple company locations.

Using this data, companies can gain a better understanding of when security issues commonly occur, where they’re happening and what actions they can take to limit overall risk. Not only does this increase efficiency, but also it improves safety for customers and staff.

Experience the Power of Eye Trax and Spot AI

Spot AI video surveillance software can help improve safety, security and the customer experience — all without replacing your current camera system. Building on your existing network, Spot makes it possible to capture incidents as they happen and empowers staff to take immediate action.

Ready to take surveillance a step further? Pair this advanced software with our AI surveillance camera to create the ultimate site monitoring system. Powered by solar and equipped with a five-day battery backup, our AI cameras can make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Looking for help with your security camera setup? Eye Trax offers surveillance monitoring services provided by trained professionals who will put your system to work and never miss a beat.

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