Why Manufacturing Facilities Need Security Cameras

September 20, 2022

A manufacturing facility is more than a workplace — it represents a substantial investment that needs to be kept safe for a number of reasons. In addition to the equipment, inventory and other assets they contain, manufacturing facilities are also sites in which large numbers of people perform potentially hazardous tasks each and every day.

Keeping a watchful eye over these environments isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity. Having a security system that includes cameras can be one of the most important forms of protection manufacturers can have in these spaces. Some of the most important reasons why manufacturing facilities need security cameras include:

  • Deterring theft: Factories and production facilities often contain raw materials as well as finished products, both of which are prime targets for thieves who might be able to break into an unsecured property. On top of that, it’s also possible that criminals could make off with expensive equipment as well as valuable data. Having security cameras for manufacturing plants provides a powerful deterrent to anyone who might have designs on stealing your assets. If the thieves are still brazen enough to go through with their theft, a camera can capture the evidence you need to recover your goods and prosecute the perpetrator.
  • Promoting safe working conditions: It’s virtually impossible for managers and supervisors to be everywhere at once. At the same time, employees may make mistakes or give into temptation to cut corners, resulting in unsafe situations. By reviewing footage caught by cameras in the moments leading up to an accident or other safety incident, employers can pinpoint the activity or situation that led to it. This provides them with information they can use to improve conditions around the facility, rework safety protocols or emphasize training initiatives for workers.
  • Monitoring processes: Supervisors can’t look over employees’ shoulders all the time. Cameras placed strategically around the production floor make it possible to observe workflow without actually being present. This means managers can watch for pinch points, unsafe practices or anything else that could result in less-than-optimal results. It also enables them to keep watch over multiple sites at the same time. Any slowdowns or bottlenecks can be spotted as they happen, giving you the ability to react quickly and resolve the issue before it creates a domino effect.
  • Saving money: The only real viable alternative to installing cameras around your facility is to hire a professional security firm to guard and monitor the property. This can become very expensive, especially if your company has multiple sites that need to be secured. In addition, the human element security guards bring means there could be some inconsistencies that could lead to problems.

What to Consider Before Buying Your System

When placing cameras around your building, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Taking the time to think about your plan will ensure you get the highest possible benefit from the equipment. Some of these factors include:

  • Where cameras are placed for maximum coverage
  • How easily they can be seen to deter theft/unsafe behavior
  • The sensitivity of the equipment
  • Ease of access for anyone maintaining them
  • How they integrate into an existing security system
  • Whether or not they can be upgraded easily as your needs change

Eye Trax Has You Covered

As the leader in wireless, solar-powered security camera technology, Eye Trax has the solutions you need to secure your manufacturing facility. With features that include night-vision capabilities and cloud storage, our equipment is the ideal choice for covering every square inch of your property and keep a watchful eye on everything that goes on there. To learn more about our complete range of products, reach out and talk to one of our representatives today.