How To Protect The Property You Manage

October 6, 2021

Providing a safe and secure location for your residents is of paramount importance. Whether you own residential properties or you manage facilities for landlords or a property management company, you should know that in the United States, the rate of property crime was 1,958 cases for every 100,000 people as of 2020.

These sobering statistics highlight the need for a more comprehensive approach to maintaining safety and security. It should motivate you to learn more about what you can do to keep your property safe. Here are some tips on how to protect your property.

Tips to Protect Residential Properties

All types of residential properties are at risk of break-ins, vandalism and other crimes. However, shoring up security at your residential properties — which may include sprawling condos, complicated townhouse complexes or multifamily units — can be a complicated affair. Security can be even more complicated if you manage remote properties from afar.

Here are some tips that you can start implementing today:

  1. Add more security lighting: The greater visibility you have on your property, the better. More lighting means burglars have no place to hide. Your residents should appreciate that they can walk around at night with no shadows to conceal criminals.
  2. Hire professional security guards: A time-tested way to keep your property secure is to hire expert security guards who can patrol your premises 24/7/365. Their regular presence on-site should prove to be a significant deterrent against casual crimes such as vandalism, as well as major offenses including breaking and entering or robbery.
  3. Deploy a new surveillance system: Security guards on the ground are only part of the solution. You may also want to install a surveillance system that includes cameras, microphones and monitoring services. The live video could help spot crimes in progress. Plus, the recordings from cameras can aid the police and your insurance company in their investigations.
  4. Replace old-fashioned door locks: All your exterior doors should have deadbolts to help deter criminals from kicking down doors. It would be a good idea to add new, stronger hinges and upgrade the door frames to deter break-ins. You also have the option to install digital locks instead of locks that use a physical key.
  5. Add locks and sensors to windows: Adding locks to all windows gives residents a stronger sense of security and safety. Plus, installing sensors can help alert a security company and emergency responders faster if a break-in occurs.

Benefits of Using Eye Trax Products

For many property managers and owners, Eye Trax products are an ideal way to safeguard their residential locations. Eye Trax uses solar-powered security cameras that can run for 7 days and nights on just 6 hours of solar charging. Plus, you can place solar panels up to 100 feet away from their cameras, giving you maximum visibility.

It’s not always good idea to rely solely on the Internet to keep cameras running and sharing their video feeds. That’s why Eye Trax uses a cellular data network instead of a Wi-Fi connection, which could go down at any minute.

Instead of designing, purchasing and maintaining your own data center to store recorded videos, you can benefit from Eye Trax’s cloud-based system. The images and videos from your cameras can automatically transmit by cell to the cloud. Then, you can call up these videos from any location whenever you want — providing more flexibility and peace of mind for your residents.

For a Modern Security Solution, Choose Eye Trax

With so much crime occurring at residential properties across the country, prudent managers and owners should look for a comprehensive solution to keep everyone safe. To learn more about Eye Trax security products — such as our solar-powered property cameras and cellular data network — contact the professionals at Eye Trax today.