Protect Your Community With Security Cameras

February 25, 2019

Community video surveillance is a fixture in our lives. It’s the rare nightly newscast that doesn’t show at least one video clip of a crime suspect captured on some homeowner’s security camera. When you go into any public building whether a bank, supermarket or retail store, you can bet there is a surveillance camera watching you.

Given the ubiquity of cameras, it should come as no surprise that condominium property managers and apartment complex owners are mounting community security cameras to keep a watchful eye on common areas and parking lots. As for homeowners’ associations and neighborhood watch groups, they’re using cameras to monitor streets in their subdivisions and immediate neighborhoods.

Whether an area is crime-ridden or relatively safe, cameras deter illegal acts. If your community isn’t considering this safety solution, it should be. There is no such thing as a perfectly safe neighborhood — even gated communities.

Surveillance Cameras Keep Subdivision Streets Safer

The preponderance of two-breadwinner families means many suburban streets are practically devoid of people all day. There are some subdivisions where neighbors do not know neighbors. Vandals, thieves and trespassers know they’ll be undetected in such neighborhoods all day. If they don’t break in or deface property during working hours, they use that time to case possible targets.

There’s nothing to stop them, except strategically placed community surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras are to thieves and vandals what kryptonite is to Superman. Anonymity is their strength, but community video surveillance strips it away. Even signs alerting trespassers to the presence of neighborhood watch security cameras can be enough to turn them in their tracks.

Security Cameras Track Visitors to Condo and Apartment Complexes

While the configuration of condo and apartment complexes fosters contact between neighbors, their common areas, parking lots, swimming pools and playgrounds can beckon perpetrators of crimes, even violent ones.

Community security cameras mounted at these locations, as well as the various walkways leading to them, not only help to keep track of visitors as they come and go, but serve to deter muggers, vandals and thieves. If a crime is committed, video taken from strategically placed cameras will show the perpetrators from different angles, providing invaluable help to the police.

Community Video Surveillance As Witness

Whether on the streets of a subdivision or the grounds of an apartment complex or condo building, video from neighborhood watch security cameras can serve as a witness to any unfortunate incidents or accidents. Whether it’s a passerby tripping and falling on the sidewalk or cars colliding at the corner, cameras capture the information that insurance companies seek. And should a child or elderly person go missing, surveillance video can offer priceless clues.

While no solution can promise total peace of mind, installing security cameras can go a long way toward securing the streets and surroundings of neighborhoods and residential complexes. If they’re solar-powered and equipped with secure worldwide 3G/4G connections, such as Eye Trax cameras, you don’t even have to worry about power outages.

Contact Eye Trax now for more information about our solar-powered wireless cameras. Your neighbors will thank you.