Six Farm Security Tips

July 26, 2021

When most people think of farms, they envision wide-open spaces in the country, far from the concerns of urban living. Those with little experience of life on a farm can be fooled into thinking the rural setting means farmers don’t have to worry about theft, vandalism or trespassing.

Farmers, however, know better. Whether you operate a family farm, a large corporate farm or even a cannabis/hemp farm, you know the importance of keeping your land safe. Protecting your valuable equipment, crops, livestock and property requires the right know-how and technology. Read on to learn some farm security tips you can use to avoid serious problems on your land.

  1. Build a Fence

    One of the oldest and most obvious farm security solutions is a good old-fashioned fence. Fences not only keep your cattle and other animals from getting out, but they also prevent any unwanted people from entering. Types of fences can range from barbed wire to wood to thick hedges. Anything that creates a physical barrier between your plot and the outside world can help make a big difference.
  2. Add a Security System

    Large tracts of land can be difficult to watch without some form of surveillance system. Fortunately, today’s technology makes it possible to add cameras virtually anywhere around your space — even if you don’t have power lines that reach very far. Modern cloud-based, solar-powered systems enable you to keep an eye on everything.
  3. Keep Barns Locked

    It’s so simple that many farmers don’t remember to do it, but keeping your barns and sheds locked remains one of the most effective farm security ideas. Having multiple locks for buildings that are in isolated areas is also a good idea because it can deter criminals or vandals who might be bold enough to break through one.
  4. Don’t Leave Keys in Equipment

    It might be easier to just hop into the cab of your tractor or combine and start it, but leaving the keys in the ignition also makes it easy for thieves to steal it. If you’re concerned about losing track of your keys, try labeling them with tape or a color-coded ring. This could help you find the key you need without fumbling through all of them.
  5. Post Signs Around Your Property

    Warning signs that say “No Trespassing” or “Private Property” ensures that everyone knows you take the security of your farm seriously. Hanging these signs on fencing, gates and your buildings sends a clear message that you don’t want any unauthorized people wandering through your property.
  6. Brand Your Assets

    Branding can be used for more than just cattle. Whether you use printed labels, metal ID tags or engraving, putting your name, address or phone number on your most valuable items can make it much easier to retrieve them in the event they’re stolen. This also may have the added effect of making a criminal think twice before attempting to pilfer anything from you.

Eye Trax Has the Tech to Help You

When creating a security strategy for your farms, don’t overlook Eye Trax. We offer a powerful and convenient surveillance camera and monitoring solutions that are perfect for remote locations such as yours.

Utilizing solar power and cellular data, these systems can be installed practically anywhere, even if you don’t have power or data connections in the vicinity. This makes them ideal for secluded and hard-to-reach spots where it otherwise would be difficult to keep an eye on your assets. We even have units that feature infrared night vision and motion detection, so you can rest assured that you can monitor your property at all times. We’ve helped numerous entitles in the agriculture sector stay safe and secure.

If you want to learn more about how our systems can work to protect your properties, get in touch with us today.